The Little Known Tip To Speed Up Your Home Sale

Some agents book "previews".  This is a time saver for everyone!

Typically agents book this type of walk-through when they have a client with criteria that they are VERY familiar with.  

They will walk through a home alone to make a call as to whether or not the house makes sense for their client.

If they think it's right for their client, they will bring them back. 

Here is the GOOD NEWS! 

You can be home for previews.  

Because there isn't a buyer client with the agent, there is no fear of making the buyer uncomfortable during the showing. 
Sometimes an agent will come through as a preview to determine the value of the home they are listing in the neighborhood.  I think it's good due diligence on their part!!

While it might be slightly inconvenient, if they are listing a similar home, they may have similar buyers and it will only benefit them and YOU if they know what your home is like!

So don't be afraid of previews!!  

They are a tool that realtors use to make everyone's life a little simpler.

- Justin