Don't Buy A House Without Knowing This Important Fact

There's one question that every home buyer MUST ask the sellers or their agent before falling in love with a home.

Yet it's the one question that is rarely asked.

It's something most people never think to ask, but it's so important:

Are there any stigmas attached to the home?

You see, sellers aren’t legally required to tell you about any deaths or suicides. The same goes for paranormal activities that might have happened there.

Imagine finding out after you’ve moved in that your dream home has a spooky past!

For some, that might not matter. For others, it could be a dealbreaker.

If you're thinking, "I would never buy a spooky-looking old house, so this doesn't apply to me," consider this:

I've shown a house in the past.  It was a vacant home.  Updated and modern inside and showed nicely.  

It ended up being too small for my clients.  But later on, I found out from a friend of a friend who knew someone who lived on the street that the reason it was vacant, was because the owners had moved out.  Before it had sold.  

This was because of the paranormal activities the family experienced. They were too scared to continue living there. 

The sellers were not advertising the fact that it was haunted.  And I didn't think to ask this one question. 

But here's the thing: if you ask this question upfront and the seller refuses to disclose or lies to you, you might have legal recourse.

Talking to neighbors can also be a great way to uncover any secrets.

They often know more about the house than the sellers are willing to share.

Don’t skip this crucial step in your research.

- Justin