February 2021

They Really Are A Man's Best Friend!!

Posted on Feb 24, 2021

Coming home to your dog will make anyone smile!

It's true.

Every time that I pull into my driveway and open the door, I see this face that is beyond excited to see me. Pure happiness. It doesn't matter if I was gone for 10 minutes or 4 hours. Archie has the same level of excitement each time. I love it.

Even after the worst possible day, the smile and...

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Visiting A Show Home Is Fun!!! Living In A Show Home Isn't!!!! 

Posted on Feb 11, 2021

Especially when you have kids and pets who share your home too. 

But keeping it looking like a show home for weeks on end is plain stressful.

Let's be honest …. It's a nightmare!!! 

So the goal of listing your home is to get your list price, but to get it quickly. We want you to be able to go back to normal living asap.  

So how do we do that?

Our unique a...

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"When you hand good people possiblity, they do great things" - Biz Stone

Posted on Feb 04, 2021

I wasn't such a big fan of 2020.  

There's no denying .... it was a bitch of a year.    
We've all been hit by the pandemic.  In different ways.  Some harder than others.  

We are parents that are trying to navigate this journey with all age kids.  

We're partners who are supporting and living with front line workers.  

We're people who have lost or know friends who...

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