February 2023

So You're On The Hunt For A Bigger Home?

Posted on Feb 23, 2023

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you're not jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. 

Here's a few things to keep in mind.  

So you don't end up with a house-sized headache

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The Million-Dollar Question!!

Posted on Feb 16, 2023

What's going on with the housing market in Burlington?
Are prices rising? Are they falling?
Quick update for you in less than 2 mins!!!

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2018 ... the year Meghan and Harry got married!

Posted on Feb 09, 2023

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series and the Philidelphia 

Eagles won the Super Bowl.  

The year that Ovechkin held the cup over the startup Vegas Golden knights - can you tell I like sports!

It was also the year I met Adam and Jenny. 

You might wonder why this event is as significant as a World Series trophy and the Stanley Cup!?

See for me, this was t...

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Is This A Joke??? Or A Typo??

Posted on Feb 02, 2023

How can a property have a nearly 500% increase in price in a month!!!

In December last year, I took some clients to see a beautiful farm in the Hamilton-Wentworth Area. 

The original list price was $3.5. Which resulted in a whopping 11 offers!!!!! The sellers refused to accept any of them.

Fast forward to now. The same property is listed for $15.9! 


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